Search Engine Optimization for your dealership

One of the most important factors in marketing your business is your dealership’s SEO. Search Engine Optimization is defined as “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.” In today’s internet-driven world, SEO is a topic that should be on every dealer’s mind.

SEO is a term that is kicked around by many business owners, yet they have no idea what is means or how to implement it. SEO ensures that your dealership is found by prospects using the internet to find their next vehicle. Without it, you rely on your print marketing, referrals, or simply waiting for a prospect to drive past your dealership. Good SEO allows your dealership to stay competitive and to rank higher on searches than the rest of your competition. There are many good SEO practices, here are a few:

  1. Create content on your website

    Your website is the biggest factor in terms of SEO and grading your presence. With a responsive website that has fresh and unique content, you can almost guarantee your dealership will be found ahead of your competition. While most dealers have a template-based website that is static and never changes, custom-built websites allow you to update your website on-the-go and keep your customers informed of your services and latest offerings. All of the major search engines prefer to see your website regularly updated with new content! *With AutoDealerTech’s custom built websites, we will regularly update the content on you website for you!*

  2. Make sure your website is responsive and SEO friendly

    As mentioned in another blog post, responsive websites are a crucial factor in the SEO algorithm. Today, the major search engines are giving “bonus points” to the sites that are built responsive due to the fact that they properly serve both desktop and mobile users. Creating a responsive website not only gives your users a better experience while viewing your website, it also makes you more competitive in the searches in your area.

  3. Local search is crucial

    Making sure your dealership is found on the first page of all local searches is of the most importance to your dealership. Whether a customer is searching for “used car dealers” or “2004 Cadillac SRXs for sale”, you must appear on the first page or your website may not be found/visited. Aside from having a great website, you must make sure that you are registered and verified with Google and Facebook. Google is the new YellowPages and by verifying your dealership with them, Google will promote your dealership on all of it’s services (Google maps, searches, etc.). The same should be done for Facebook. Facebook is a platform that millions of people use every day to share information, ideas, and to learn new things. Many businesses are using Facebook to promote their services and are seeing incredible success with zero cost!

  4. Social media is important

    I talk to dealers about this all the time and here is what I hear: “I don’t have time to update Facebook or Twitter” or “I am not going to sell any cars off Social Media”. I am not saying that you are going to set a record month selling a ton of cars off either site, but here is what positive impact these free advertising sources bring. Both Facebook and Twitter are free platforms that people spend an abundant amount of time on. By participating in these websites, you now have another connection to prospects who may not know of you or your dealership. Testimonials, financing options, vehicle specials, and location information is just a few items that you could post regularly to these websites that will drive traffic to your store. In between customers, simply pull out your phone and update each site with a paragraph or two (and a few pictures) to keep your users engaged and notified of what is going on at your dealership.