Now offering Website Texting!

A popular dealership trend in 2016 is communicating with customers via text messages. AutoDealerTech is proud to now offer texting capabilities right from your dealership website! Talking to your prospects and answering their questions has never been faster or easier!

Research shows that a dealership needs to respond to it’s customer inquiries within 5 minutes or less. Attention spans are short and customers will sometimes fill a form out and forget about it later on in the day. By contacting them immediately you give yourself the best opportunity to convert them to a lead for your dealership (strike while the iron is hot). With website texting, your customers can now submit their inquiries right through your website and their messages will be sent directly to your cell phone. Now, customers can get their questions answered immediately and you can convert them to an actual lead within minutes.

Example screenshots:

Website Texting 1

Website Texting 2


To learn more about website texting, please call AutoDealerTech’s sales department at (866) 833-3264!