effectively communicate via text

Website Texting

Using cell phones to search for vehicles how now surpassed computers. Because younger customers don’t like talking on the phone to get the answers they want having texting on your website is important. But how do you go from answering a customer’s question to getting them to come in to see the vehicle? I know it sounds like it should not be that big of a problem. But when it comes to texting sometimes saying too much could end the conversation.


First remember, they started the conversation. That means there was something about the vehicle that drew them to it. Was it the condition of the vehicle, the miles or the price? They had to have liked something about it. But if they have asked a question with their first text then make sure you answer it and don’t be misleading. Once you have answered the question, you can ask a question. Something like, “Does this vehicle meet the requirements your are looking for?” I want to keep the conversation going but I don’t want long answers from the customer. I am looking for short and positive answers from the customer. This way when I ask for the appointment to come see the vehicle the customer will be more likely to say yes.



  1. Answer the questions clearly
  2. Ask a question to keep the conversation going
  3. Try for short, positive answers from the customer
  4. Ask for customer to see vehicle
  5. If you don’t ask for the appointment then you already failed


If you don’t have text on your website then AutoDealerTech would like to show how easy it makes if for your website visits to contact you.

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