Marketing on your website the correct way

Marketing is selling. You need to be selling your product, selling your dealership and selling yourself. Your website lets you do that better than a newspaper ad ever could. You can now talk about the principles your dealership was founded on, how you treat your customers, give testimonials and even sell yourself through a bio page.

All of this is marketing and it is important because people are reading the content of the website to see if they want to do business with you. People visit about 18 websites before they find one that has a vehicle they like and a dealer they feel they can trust. How do you get to be in the 18 and then how do you get to be the dealer they visit? You need to have all of the relevant content the customers are looking for.

Bio – Let the people see the best side of you. Let them see someone they would want to buy a vehicle from. If you have hobbies or special interests, list it because it will make you more human to them. Your goal is to get them to like you and want to work with you.

Dealership Info – How long has the dealership been open, who was the founder, has it always been in the same spot or did it change locations, give the customer some history. Who works at the store and what are their positions. Let people get a feel for the store. Give them pictures so they know what they will see from the road and what it looks like on the inside. This way when they get to the store they know what they are in for. If you sponsor a sports team, put it on the website with a picture of the team.

Inventory – Face it, your inventory is what brought the customer to the website in the first place. They want to learn everything they can about the vehicle. The site should have the key features of the vehicle and a vehicle history report. If you don’t have it they will think you are trying to hide something. Take good pictures with excellent lighting. The pictures are very important. Everyone wants a quality product and they want to see it before they buy it. In this case they want to see it before they see it.

Keep the information relevant and up to date. Remember it is all about selling the store, the inventory and yourself before they ever even talk to you.


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