Website, texting and chatting

So what is the difference between Texting and Chatting??

Texting and Chatting on a website are basically the same thing. They can both be set up to go to your cell phone, and they are both done in real time. So what is the difference? Well lets start with having a text and chat on your website gives the customer different ways to communicate with you. Sometimes it is because the customer is busy and just wants to text or they might be at work and just can’t talk. What ever the case may be you just want them to reach out and give you a chance. 


With customers now being more afraid than ever to pick up the phone and call a dealer texting lets the customer do everything directly from their cell phone. It lets that busy customer send out a question and then go about his or her day. The questions and answers are normally shorter and can be drawn out if the customer is doing everything on the fly. It is your job to effectively communicate with them. With this type of communication you need to keep asking questions to keep their attention. 


Chatting is more geared to the customer that is using a computer and wants an immediate answer to a direct question. Most of the time the questions will be more complicated and require someone from the dealership to know the vehicles. With this type of communication the customer has the time they just don’t want to talk on the phone but want an immediate response because they are sitting in front of a computer looking at your vehicles. 


Text and Chat features tools for easier communication between you and the customer. If you don’t use them then they will not help you sell more vehicles. But if you do it the right way they can be extremely effective.


Texting is made for cell phones and shorter lines of communication. It can easily become a phone call conversation.

Chatting is geared more use with a computer. Chats normally have more back and forth over texting.


With AutoDealerTech we have both chat and text available to our clients. We want to make sure they have every tool they need to help them sell more vehicles.

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