What dealers don’t know about websites?

Halloween is right around the corner. What are Four scary facts dealers don’t know about websites?

With Halloween coming up in a few weeks I started thinking about scary things that dealers don’t do. That lead me to thinking about basic dealer start up sites and the things that dealers don’t know they should do with their website. They are; Relevant Content, Social Media, having a Blog, and Web Design. These are all important criteria that gets overlooked by dealers when they are picking out or making a website.

1. Relevant Content

Relevant Content content refers to the words on a website. Why is it important? Search engines send out “crawlers” that catalog the words on the website. They are looking for keywords or key phrases. These are words or phrases that people would type in the search engine to find information or a product. For independent dealers it would be something like “Used Cars in (Your City Here). You want these keywords on every page you can but if you want to do it right the keywords need to be part of sentences. This way you are not loading keywords on the website. You will not rank as high if you do this. Search Engines have caught onto this practice.

2. Social Media

Social Media lets you increase your “popularity” on the internet. Most people would think of this as being liked or admired, and to an extent it does. What social media let you do is create many more small links back to your website. The more links you have coming back to your website then the higher your SEO goes. That is why it is important to try to add as many links or friends as you can across all social platforms.

3. Blog

A blog lets you create more relevant content for your website while at the same time increasing the overall size of the site. By increasing the size of your website you are able to increase your SEO and by increasing the relevant content on the site you can increase the keywords and phrases that bring people to the website. You are also able to create a marketing strategy in your blogs to put out content about your products and your business. It lets you sell yourself, your dealership and your product with every post. 

4. Website Design

Website Design, I could talk about this topic all day. But I will try to put it in a nutshell for you. Websites have changed and search engines now want to see a design that is call “Responsive”. This type of design removes the need for a mobile site that is connected to a desktop site. Why, because it is able to be both. The website will respond to whatever screen it is being viewed on and auto adjust the content size to fit that screen. This is the advancement that search engines want to see over websites without this design feature. If they have it, well then the SEO is higher.


These are just four factors that are overlooked by dealers when they work with someone to set up a website. If you are looking to increase your web presence and therefor start getting more hits to your website then let us show you how we can work with you to create a website that will set you up for success and not failure. Click here to set up your free demonstration and learn more about what we will do for you.