Blogging Best Practices

Blogging is part of business inbound marketing strategy. It lets you build your online web presence and market your business and your products. When it comes to business blogging you need to remember two words “Relevant Content”. It needs to be in every aspect of every post. If you don’t know that much about blogging then this is a good place to start. Another place to learn more about blogging and inbound marketing is with HubSpot Academy. You want to always get as much information as you can to become a more effective blogger.

Pick your topics and a titles

Picking a topic to write about can seem like a heavy task at first, but if you are writing frequently enough you will start to pick up topics throughout your day. Your topics should be something that relates to your business or what you are selling. This way you create more relevant content for your website. The title of the blog should be something short but also have a keyword or phrase that will be searched. You also want to try to make it catchy so people will want to read it. Try to draw them to read your blog with info they will want to read.


Format your posts

When you start to format your blog you need to take a step back and look at the content. Your goal is to get someone to want to read your blog. You will want to draw their eyes where you want them. To do that you can use Section Headers and number any points you are trying to make. I also like to change the font size and even highlight or bold my points. Use spacing between topics to reduce clutter. Use the whitespace to direct the person to what you want to see.


Optimize your posts

To optimize the post you want to look at the long-tail keyword or phrase. These are the three to four keywords that are very specific to what you are trying to sell or the message you are trying to get out. If I was selling water I would highlight things like “Spring Water”, “Filtered Water, or “Aqua”. Use these Keywords or phrases throughout the blog, in the page title, the post title, and in the headers of the text. If you have an image you can even put it in the image alt-text. This goes back to that relevant content we talked about last week. Put it everywhere to increase your SEO.


Increase lead generation

When promoting offers on your blog you want to include a call to action or CTA. You can do this with hyperlinks or CTA buttons. It is a way for you get draw the customer in. Keeping them on your site longer by creating interest increases the likelihood of you getting that customer’s information in the form of a lead. CTAs don’t have to always be in the blog. You can have CTAs on the sidebar. Always include a CTA at the end of the blog post. You don’t want to person to finish reading your blog and then navigate away from the site. Keep them engaged and thinking about you.


Promote your posts

That sidebar on your blog doesn’t have to contain CTAs for just selling your products. Promote your most recent or relevant post on the sidebar to keep them on your site. But don’t limit yourself to using just the sidebar. If you wrote a blog that relates to your current blog, let your readers know and create a link. You can also share blogs through social media or email. Create a emailer that has links to your blog so your readers know you posted new material. I myself am signed up to receive a number of blogs. It helps me stay in that blogging mindset.  

If you haven’t already you will also want to include a tag to your website home page.


Analyze the performance of your blog posts.

Analytics is your friend. You are not just posting blogs to put your personal views into the world. You are trying to build your web presence and increase traffic to your site. Look at the number of views per blog. Is there a correlation between the number of views and the topics you blogged about. See what is catching traction and what is not. Also look at the number of clicks on your CTA. Do you need to reword it because people just are not clicking on it.


I write this blog to not only attract new clients to our product and build our website, basicly everything that you just saw but to also help our clients understand that business need to be active online and we will help you. If you are new to our sight and would like to talk about our products and services schedule your free online demo. I will be happy to show you what we provide and how we will help you be successful in the auto industry. I look forward to hearing from you.


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