How new website design effects car dealers

Evolution of websites and how it effects car dealers. 

Websites have changed and I am sure they will change again. Websites had to change because of they way they were being viewed. But what does that mean, being viewed. It’s not like our eyes changed. No it had to do with the tools that we used to view the website. As you may know now we have a number of different tools that let us view the websites on the internet. All of them have different size screens and different capabilities. Today I want to go over how websites have changed and more importantly how it has affected car dealers.

When websites started out the only tool available that could view or interact with the program (website) was a desktop computer with a tube monitor. The websites were designed to fit in that space and had limited functionality. The websites were mostly information based tools that let users view the text (words) of the website. But then technology started to change.


Technology changed our phones from having cords and being mounted on a wall to fitting into our pockets and being able to fly a drone. Between those two examples cell phones had limited internet usage. It was also not very easy to navigate the internet. So websites had to start evolving.


Because people were using their phones to search for things online developers started making Mobile Sites to go with the Desktop Sites. If you landed on a desktop site using a phone it would kick you over to the mobile site because the phone could not view the full website. The phone simply was not made to handle it.


That brings us to today. Phones and tablets are now used more than desktops or laptops to search the internet. But user are still faced with having limited access to websites because they are being kicked over to mobile sites designed for older tech.

Developers set to work again to create a new type of website. The result was the Responsive website. This new type of website is able to interact with all desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. There is no redirect to a mobile site. But if we are able to view the same screen on a phone as we are a desktop will we have to zoom in and out to navigate the website like on older websites? The answer is no. The website auto adjusts its content to fit on the screen it is being viewed on. That means you don’t have to zoom in and out if you are on the phone but you are able to read all of the content.


  1. Desktop Websites
  2. Desktop Websites with a Mobile Site
  3. Responsive Websites


Now that you have an understanding of the evolution of website development it is also important to know how having one of these types of websites will affect your dealership. As we have said, people who are shopping for a vehicle spend about 11 hours searching the net. They will visit about 18 different websites before they find a vehicle they like but only visit 1.4 dealers before the buy. What do those stats mean to a dealer? The customer is doing all of their research online before they ever visit the store and more importantly they are doing it all from their phone.

If that is the case what website do you think is going to be best for your dealership?


  1. A regular desktop website does not play nice with cell phones and is difficult to read.
  2. A desktop site with mobile site only give the customer limited info because it is a smaller version on the desktop site.
  3. A responsive site gives the cell phone user all of the info from the site because it was made to fit the phone or any other device for that matter.


If I had a car dealership, I would want the website design that is going to let me reach the most people in the most effective way.


Important Stats

  1. People Search online for a vehicle for about 11 hours total.
  2. They will visit about 18 websites before they find the right vehicle and the right dealer.
  3. They will visit about 1.4 dealers before they purchase.


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