Car Dealers, Rank Higher with Search Engines

Car Dealers want to know. “How can I get my website to perform better with Search Engines.”

That is a great question for any business because it shows that they understand the importance of using the internet. When it comes to SEO most of the factors are the responsibility of the person or company developing the website. This would be things like Internal Site Linking, Meta Tags, and Design. Because design is an important factor we will be going over it at the end.

What is SEO? There is a long definition to what is SEO but I like the one that keeps it simple. “It is the process of getting traffic from organic search results.“ Just because we know what a word means do not mean we know what we are doing. Car dealers want to know how to increase SEO so here are a few factors of SEO they can work on.

  • Relevant Text

I have seen this term “relevant content” on almost every page that talks about boosting SEO or powerful SEO. Why is having relevant content important? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. So how easy a search engine finds you and ranks the site. Search engines will “Crawl” your website and catalog all of the words on your site. Then when someone types something into a search engine it will be able to find websites with those words. Lets use “Used Cars near Atlanta”. Websites with the words used cars Atlanta would rank higher than websites that do not. This relevant content idea should be used in everything you do with your website. When you use Social Media or Blog, use relevant content that links back to what people are searching for.


  • Size of website

Size matters. That’s right, when it comes to websites, size does matter. The larger the website the better it performs. But… That’s right there is a catch to this. The pages need to have relative, and quality content. If you add a bunch of pages that have no content then you can hurt your ranking. So don’t leave pages empty. I see this all of the time with car dealers. They purchase a website from a company and they just turn it on and never do anything with it. They have a blank Bio Page, or blank About Us page. If you are going to have pages then have content on them that will help your SEO.


  • Blog

I am new to writing a blog, so I went out and found as much reading material as I could before I started writing. Now I am blogging about writing a blog. But for car dealers your blog needs to have fresh and relevant content relating to your business. And blogging frequently will keep content fresh and increase the size of your site. I wrote another blog on, well, writing a blog and how to use it effectively


  • Social Media

By now you are might have started to see a pattern starting to emerge. The phrase “relevant content” keeps coming up. Remember it is about what search engines catalog that helps you rank. When it comes to social media it is going to be the same thing with an addition. Back Links to your website from social media helps build trust with search engines. We will get to search engine trust in the next section. Car dealers need to see social media as a tool to help put their inventory in front of more customers, not as a chore they have to do. Try to post something once a day if you can, and the more shares your posts get the better.


  • Trust of Search Engines

Yes search engines build trust in websites and it does affect SEO. Normally you start building domain longevity trust after about one year. But you can also develop trust by having external linking to your website. So blogs or social media from an outside source creating a link to your website or blog. It is just like with people. The more you trust them, the better they rank with you.


  • Positive feedback from customers

Customer feedback does affect your local SEO. But it is not just the local SEO that is affected. By having reviews of your business online you are helping future customers form an opinion of your business. If you are able to get more positive feedback you can start to increase traffic to your site which in turn will start to increase your SEO and search engine trust. Here is a good post from shopify that goes over it in greater detail.


  • Design 

So far we have covered things that car dealers can do to increase their search engine optimization. It doesn’t take much on the dealer’s side. Just a little work can go a long way. But before you do that you have to have a website. Picking the right company or person for development of your site is very important. If they use outdated designs or are not mobile friendly you are only hurting yourself. Just like search engines, you want to be able to trust the company you are going to be working with. They are going to be putting your website together and they will also start building your SEO in the design. Websites have changed and having a website that is designed the with content search engines want to see is important. AutoDealerTech understands what search engines want to see and we have designed all of it into all of our websites. We only use a responsive design because we know that people are searching for cars and car dealers using their phones. Let us show you what we can do.


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