How fast should you respond to that lead that just came in?

Being a BDC professional and working for a company that develops car dealership websites we get asked all the time about lead response times and if it is really that important. Internet leads are a race against your competitors. After years of reaching out to prospects and talking with them on the phone I can not stress just how important it really is. If you want to be successful online your response time should be around 5 minutes if not faster.

Fact, the internet is how customers are shopping and that include shopping for vehicles. There is no way around it. 94% of buyers are shopping online to find the right vehicle. They shop for a total of about 11 hours and visiting around 18 websites before they find the right vehicle, at the right price from the right dealer. Most will submit a request for info off of the car dealer’s website. Keep in mind they don’t just find one vehicle and then only focus on that one. They want options so they will submit multiple requests. That means that you have competition when it comes to following up with the prospect.


It is important for the car dealer to follow up with the prospect immediately. 20 to 30 minutes is too long and the prospect has moved on. You want to get them on the phone while they are still looking at your vehicle. Don’t give them a chance to navigate aways from your website. The goal here is to catch the prospect in the right state of mind. Catch them when they are thinking about buying a vehicle. If I want to sell someone something I don’t want them thinking about something else. I want them thinking about what I want to sell them. The best thing you can hear from a prospect is “Wow!! That was fast!”


Unfortunately, used car dealers most of the time don’t have Business Development Centers, or designated internet sales staff. The sales staff or manager is the person that handles the web request and let’s face it, they are busy. They can not always get back to the customer in that critical five minute window and they miss contacting the prospect.


The bottom line is that by responding to web leads within five minutes will increase your contact rates. By having a text or chat feature on your website you create instant contact between prospect and dealership. they are just one more tool to help you effectively communicate with your prospect. 


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