Creating A Solid Internet Process

A lot car dealers don’t have an internet process that they follow. They just wing it. If the customer really wants the vehicle then they will come in to see it. That is the mind set. If you look at car dealers that are, month in and month out, performing will with their internet leads you will see that they have a solid internet process in place. It does not have to be complicated but it needs to be followed with every prospect.

When you create your internet process, it does not have to be complex. The easier it is to follow the easier it will be to insure it is done every time. That means that everyone needs to be on the same page. From the person working the leads all the way up to the sales manager and GM.


Steps to creating a solid internet sales process.

  • Fast follow up time
  • Connect with the prospect
  • Drive conversation – Don’t use dealer lingo
  • Set an appointment
  • Appointment reminders – Make sure the customer shows
  • Set a VIP experience
  • Sell the vehicle



  • Fast follow up time


I can not stress the importance of follow up with a prospect as soon as the lead comes in. I am talking about follow up with them in the first 5 minutes. The goal is to catch the customer in the right state of mind. If you wait 20 to 30 minutes then they more than likely have moved on to something else and it will become increasingly more difficult to even make contact.


  • Connect with the prospect


By connect with the prospect, I don’t mean be their friend. I mean make contact. Most car dealers are only try to follow up with the prospect through phone or email. When I am working with a new Internet rep, I like to use baseball as an example. In baseball the batter gets three strikes. Right now we have three main forms of communication. Phone, Email and Text. Use all three to try to make contact.



  • Drive the conversation


Once you get on the phone with the prospect just have a conversation. I have watched salespeople talk themselves out of the appointment because they asked too many questions and made the prospect feel they were being interrogated. Just have a conversation that answers the prospects questions but lead the conversation to asking for the appointment. Always be looking for that hook to get the prospect to want to come in.



  • Set the Appointment


Once the customer agrees to come in the job is not done. You will want to repeat the day and time of the appointment at least three times to engrain it into the prospect mind. I say it once when I set the appointment, again when I offer to text it to them so they don’t have to write anything down, and again when I let them know an email will be sent with all of the information.


  • Appointment reminders


If the appointment is not the same day, you will want to send out appointment reminders to keep the appointment in the front of the prospect. The day before send a text. The day of make a phone call to confirm the appointment. If they don’t pick up send an email and then a text. Let them know we are going to be ready to work with them. It also shows that you care.



  • Create a VIP experience


If you are following all of the steps up to this point you have started to create a VIP experience for the prospect. You have shown that you care about them. Keep the process going. One way is to create a welcome board that will have the prospects name on it. Put a hang tag on the vehicle with the prospects name on it. Have the vehicle in the parking lot so when the prospect comes in they park next to and see their name on the hang tag. All simple steps to creating a VIP experience.



  • Sell the vehicle


At this point the prospect is now a customer. Follow your sales process and sell the vehicle. All of the steps leading up to this point has been to not only get the customer in the door but also make the customer feel comfortable and trust you. It just makes the selling process that much easier.


Key takeaways

  • Don’t try to sell the prospect the vehicle over text, email, or voicemail.
  • Always be professional and treat the prospect with respect
  • Make the process fun and easy for your team and the prospect to follow.