Car Dealer Websites, Do’s and Don’ts

I research car dealer websites all of the time. I see car dealers that are doing everything right and then I see how most of the car dealers are handling their websites. So I thought I would share and break down what I am seeing or not seeing.

Relevant Content

Put relevant content on your pages that uses words or phrases that are going to be used by your customers is going to be very important. For some reason car dealers are avoiding the words that are being searched. Why would you do that? If people are searching Used Cars in (your town) then those words need to be on your website in that order. I see this all of the time. The dealer goes out of their way to avoid words like used cars, cheap cars, or good used cars. They want to use words that make them look better, words like quality pre-owned vehicles. When was the last time you had a customer come on your lot and say they are looking for a quality pre-owned vehicle? I have heard them say “I am looking for a good used car”, or “something under $5K”. Use verbiage that the customer is going to use when searching for a vehicle.


Bio Page – I have worked with car dealers that had an outdated website but still received ok traffic but had really good appointment to show rates. How did they do that? They made themselves known to the customer. They showed them who they are. The customer is not just looking to find a vehicle but a car dealer they feel they can trust. If you have a blank Bio or About Us Page then you are not giving the customer a chance to feel they are getting to know you. Put a good picture up and some info to let the customer know you are human and not looking to take advantage of them. Does it take some time? Yes it does but when you learn that customers search for about 11 hours to find the right vehicle, at the right price, from the right car dealer. In doing that they will visit about 18 different websites but only 1.4 car dealers before they buy. You want to be in that 1.4. So take the time and make it look good and let them know who you are. 


Blog Page – Blogs are just not being used by the independent car dealers, while franchise dealers are paying someone to write the blogs for them. So what’s the big deal about blogs.

  • Increase the number of pages on the website
  • Shows you are the authority on a subject and be trusted by search engines and customers
  • Gives you more relative content for search engines

The bottom line is that writing a blog will help your website grow and increase traffic. Take 30 minutes once a week and write your blog. 


Chat and Text – Two more items you don’t normally see on used car dealer websites. Chatting and Texting are two more ways you can give people a chance to contact you. The excuses for not having it is well they will just call me. sure, some might just call to ask a question about a vehicle. But since most are like my wife who will not pick up the phone to order a pizza when she is hungry do you think she is going to pick up the phone to call about a used car. No she will find someone with text or chat and then work with them. Trust me, I get that it does not make any sense but that is just how they are doing it now. I worked in a BDC for a franchise dealership that had 14 different dealership in 3 different states. At least 40% of the appointments I set every month was through texting. They just did not want to answer their phone but they had no issues with texting. Chat is basically the same as text but is more geared toward desktops over mobile devices. Click here if you would like to learn more regarding the difference between the two.


Sold Cars – Listing the last years worth of vehicles you sold on your website is a good idea. It increases the number of pages and gives you more content for search engines. But don’t mix the vehicles you are currently selling with the sold. Customers start to get frustrated because they see one the like, click on it, and find out it is already sold. Create a separate page tfor the sold vehicles.


Customer Comments, Testimonials, Reviews and Star Rating – Customer comments lets other people learn about you through other customer experiences. We have become a nation that is using the internet for everything. Shopping for a vehicle is just like shopping on a site like Amazon. The products have a star rating based on reviews. If the star rating is good and the reviews are good we will consider buying it. But if the star rating and the reviews are bad then we will move on to the next item. It is the same with your website. Ask your customers for reviews and to write a testimonial on the website. Keeping the reviews of your car dealership positive will give you positive results.


Call To Action – Call to action buttons request the customer to make move forward to go back. Don’t just put a call to action that says “Contact Us”. Give them options.

  • Click Here for a Video Walkaround
  • Click Here to get more info on this vehicle
  • Click Here to Text about this vehicle
  • Click Here to schedule an appointment

There are so many options that we can set up for you based on your store. The problem is that the car dealers think once is enough. AutoDealerTech does not think so. We want to give the customer options and we want them to see 4 to 6 call to actions on every vehicle page. You would not ask for the customer to buy your vehicle just one time why ask for the customer’s information just one time.


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