Responsive Vs Mobile Websites

I work for a development company so I have been asked asked by Car Dealers the difference since I started. What is the difference of a Responsive website to a Mobile Website and is there any benifits of one over the other? There is a difference but before we get into what is better for you and your dealership, I think it is important to understand the different features between a Mobile Site and a Responsive Site.

Mobile sites are designed specifically for phones or other mobile devices. They will often have a different URL or Domain. Some like to think of them as a copy of your website but it does not contain all of the pages or information of the desktop site. Because of this the creator can give the mobile user a different experience from the desktop site.


Responsive sites are designed to be used on all devices. That means that if I use a laptop or desktop to view the site and then a cell phone, I will be viewing the same website. The layout and content is designed to auto adjust to fit the screen it is being viewed on. It will adjust from portrait to landscape if your turn your mobile device.


Now that we have an idea of what a mobile and responsive site are we can start to go over the difference between them.


Mobile sites were made for older phones that could not handle the internet the way computers could. The website size or (data files) need to be reduced so the cell phones could access them in a timely manner. Therefore the developers reduced the size and then added a redirect to the website if it detect that it was being accessed by a mobile device. That redirect goes to a different domain. This is not good for car dealer that wants to increase their web presence. Why?


  • Split SEO tracking


      • When you use multiple domains you are reducing the effectiveness of the website because one domain does not log all the visitors to both domains. So Search Engines end up only logging the visitors to the mobile domain but use the computer domain to ranking. I like to look at it like this, I am managing two car lots. I only get credit for what happens at the main lot but the other lot sells more cars.


  • Reduced Size


    • By reducing the size of the mobile site the developer is going to have to reduce the info on the site. That means that if you have taken the time to Blog to build your site or if you have bio or about us pages those end up getting left out. If the mobile user wants to learn about you using a mobile device they are out of luck.


Responsive websites are a newer way to design websites. They auto adjust the content to fit what ever screen they are being viewed on. This means that the problems that we had with the mobiles site with tracking users and credit with search engines is now gone. The website is able to do all of the work for us. Every business that want to be successful using the internet to increase business is moving to a responsive website.


The drawback that independent car dealers are facing is the pricing of Responsive Websites. Website development companies are charging a lot for this type of design. Independent car dealers are looking at spending anywhere from $300 to $600 on good responsive website and then even more for features like texting or chat.


AutoDealerTech is a company that saw this as a problem for Independent Car Dealers and wanted to level the online playing field between  Franchise Dealers and Independent Dealers by offering Independent Car Dealers a fully Responsive Website for a fraction of the cost charged by other companies. We are a company ran by Car Dealers for Car Dealers.


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