The Path to Greater Profitability via Customer Service Improvement


The Path to Greater Profitability via Customer Service Improvement

The First Ever Digital Dealer Live Session – Webinar
Date/Time: April 11, 2017 at 2:30 PM ET


// Webinar summary

Most dealers have a BDC, or HAD a BDC, but still have issues managing response times, quality responses, and CSI scores that have a negative effect on profitability and reputation. By viewing the journey from the customer perspective, you’ll be able to identify opportunities within your current operations. These opportunities already exist and will allow your team to create a more positive customer service experience, which will help increase manufacturer earnings, CSI/SSI scores, and greater profits across all departments. By focusing on three management tenets: effort, skill, and trust, you’ll be able to drive the right message from within and gain improved ROI from all facets of your team, department, or entire store’s operations.

// Key takeaways

• Learn how measuring EFFORT will lead to greater employee happiness and productivity while providing the accountability needed for growth.
• Learn how to identify SKILL to increase the ROI of measured effort, and find the best opportunities for improvement via continuing education.
• Learn how to build TRUST to inspire confidence from employees and customers alike with transparency and how to set appropriate expectations.

Chris Sondesky
Executive Director, CF Search Marketing

Chris has spent the past 17 years learning every aspect of the retail automobile industry. From his time as a wholesale buyer responsible for 50+ units/week including transport and reconditioning, getting his hands dirty working as a technician, managing sales department operations as a GSM and later a GM, to building one of the largest single point Business Development / Internet Departments on the east coast for large franchised dealerships, consistently delivering over 800 fresh sales opportunities monthly. He brings that experience to key national accounts at CF Search Marketing as he’s developed a one-of-a-kind process solution just approved by FCA Digital.

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