Car Dealers, Rank Higher with Search Engines

Car Dealers want to know. “How can I get my website to perform better with Search Engines.”

That is a great question for any business because it shows that they understand the importance of using the internet. When it comes to SEO most of the factors are the responsibility of the person or company developing the website. This would be things like Internal Site Linking, Meta Tags, and Design. Because design is an important factor we will be going over it at the end.

What is SEO? There is a long definition to what is SEO but I like the one that keeps it simple. “It is the process of getting traffic from organic search results.“ Just because we know what a word means do not mean we know what we are doing. Car dealers want to know how to increase SEO so here are a few factors of SEO they can work on.

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How new website design effects car dealers

Evolution of websites and how it effects car dealers. 

Websites have changed and I am sure they will change again. Websites had to change because of they way they were being viewed. But what does that mean, being viewed. It’s not like our eyes changed. No it had to do with the tools that we used to view the website. As you may know now we have a number of different tools that let us view the websites on the internet. All of them have different size screens and different capabilities. Today I want to go over how websites have changed and more importantly how it has affected car dealers.

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Blogging Best Practices

Blogging is part of business inbound marketing strategy. It lets you build your online web presence and market your business and your products. When it comes to business blogging you need to remember two words “Relevant Content”. It needs to be in every aspect of every post. If you don’t know that much about blogging then this is a good place to start. Another place to learn more about blogging and inbound marketing is with HubSpot Academy. You want to always get as much information as you can to become a more effective blogger.

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What dealers don’t know about websites?

Halloween is right around the corner. What are Four scary facts dealers don’t know about websites?

With Halloween coming up in a few weeks I started thinking about scary things that dealers don’t do. That lead me to thinking about basic dealer start up sites and the things that dealers don’t know they should do with their website. They are; Relevant Content, Social Media, having a Blog, and Web Design. These are all important criteria that gets overlooked by dealers when they are picking out or making a website.

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Website, texting and chatting

So what is the difference between Texting and Chatting??

Texting and Chatting on a website are basically the same thing. They can both be set up to go to your cell phone, and they are both done in real time. So what is the difference? Well lets start with having a text and chat on your website gives the customer different ways to communicate with you. Sometimes it is because the customer is busy and just wants to text or they might be at work and just can’t talk. What ever the case may be you just want them to reach out and give you a chance.  Continue reading “Website, texting and chatting”