Responsive Vs Mobile Websites

I work for a development company so I have been asked asked by Car Dealers the difference since I started. What is the difference of a Responsive website to a Mobile Website and is there any benifits of one over the other? There is a difference but before we get into what is better for you and your dealership, I think it is important to understand the different features between a Mobile Site and a Responsive Site.

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Creating A Solid Internet Process

A lot car dealers don’t have an internet process that they follow. They just wing it. If the customer really wants the vehicle then they will come in to see it. That is the mind set. If you look at car dealers that are, month in and month out, performing will with their internet leads you will see that they have a solid internet process in place. It does not have to be complicated but it needs to be followed with every prospect.

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How fast should you respond to that lead that just came in?

Being a BDC professional and working for a company that develops car dealership websites we get asked all the time about lead response times and if it is really that important. Internet leads are a race against your competitors. After years of reaching out to prospects and talking with them on the phone I can not stress just how important it really is. If you want to be successful online your response time should be around 5 minutes if not faster.

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Car Dealers, Rank Higher with Search Engines

Car Dealers want to know. “How can I get my website to perform better with Search Engines.”

That is a great question for any business because it shows that they understand the importance of using the internet. When it comes to SEO most of the factors are the responsibility of the person or company developing the website. This would be things like Internal Site Linking, Meta Tags, and Design. Because design is an important factor we will be going over it at the end.

What is SEO? There is a long definition to what is SEO but I like the one that keeps it simple. “It is the process of getting traffic from organic search results.“ Just because we know what a word means do not mean we know what we are doing. Car dealers want to know how to increase SEO so here are a few factors of SEO they can work on.

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Why your dealership needs a responsive website

Before you purchase a new website for your dealership, consider this: over 60% of all internet users are accessing the web from their mobile devices. That means that 6 out of every 10 people that will view your dealership website will be on their phone or tablet. As of a few years ago, a new technology referred to as “Responsive Web Design” came about and has became an important staple in website development. Each dealership looking to get the most out of their website should consider this technology before building their next site and here is why:

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